Reinhabitory Institute is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  Donations are tax deductible. Please write checks to Reinhabitory Institute and send to PO Box 10064, Berkeley CA 94709.

This gives us the opportunity to give you a little overview of our work for the past five years:

We have developed a lot of collaborations with other organizations, particularly other bioregional, environmental, restoration and native American organizations.

After three years of running Project GROW in the Penn-York Valley,
and teaching kids to grow and prepare fresh food through the summer program Youth Training Initiative, Destiny Kinal retired as a community organizer. Leadership that had been built over the years took over Project GROW successfully. Reinhabitory Institute spun them off and they are on their own, with Destiny participating as a volunteer.

Judith Thomas and Destiny Kinal have turned their attention to Skein and our objectives in that area.

The publishing collective, sitio tiempo press, having published the highly regarded middle grade fiction book Rinya, about the Spanish invasion of San Francisco Bay when it was inhabited by the Ohlone People, now turn their attention to the second book in Destiny Kinal’s Textile Trilogy, Linen Shroud.


Affection wishes for a creative and productive New Year to you and your communities.

Destiny Kinal
Judith Thomas
our associates, colleagues and friends