An older form of organizing lineages, before the so-called Sky God religions, matrilineality is practiced today by a wide range of cultures across the planet and in the United States by most eastern native American tribes and many others throughout the Americas.

Matrilineally endows children with the family name and lineage, clan, heirlooms, religious practices and duties, as well as property through the maternal line rather than the paternal. Matrilineally, as practiced today by the Haudenausaunee/Iroquois tribes, produces gender equity and balance, while recognizing the relative strengths of each gender. Patrilineality, that is counting one’s lineage through the paternal line, a unreliable way of accurately accounting for bloodlines, appears to have produced a high degree of inequity among peoples throughout the world.

(to) reinhabit

Another Peter Berg coined term, meaning a creative act of discovery and restoration, doing the work to establish a way-of—|ive in place. that may be half invented from the creative genius of the community aligned with the characteristics of the watershed, and half taken from both indigenous people who hold that ancient relationship with place, and the evolution of the human species to generate a sustainable way-of-life in a particular place.

bioregion, bioregional, bioregionalist, bioregionalism

bioregionalist Peter Berg, founder of Planet Drum, coined the term to refer to those who characterize their home watershed and inhabit it in harmony (wu) with other species.

bioregionalism: defining and restoring our ancient relationship with our home watershed–was first articulated in the mid-70’s by Peter Berg  and Raymond Dasmann.Other philosopher practitioners of environmental restoration also weighed in, like Berg’s partner Judy Goldhaft: Planet Drum, Reinhabitory Theater, Gary Snyder, Freeman House: Totem Salmon and Mattole Restoration Council and dramaturgists David Simpson and Jane Lapiner: Human Nature Reinhabitory Theater, Mattole Salmon Project and Sustainable Forestry. This was the First Wave of Bioregionalism.

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