Skein involvement in feasibility of restoring flax-to-linen culture in U.S.

Flax2Linen6-1Slides from a presentation made by Destiny Kinal, Reinhabitory Institute at the August 2016 symposium titled Flax & Linen: Following the Thread from Past to Present August 20th-21st, 2016 at Historic Deerfield, in Deerfield, Massachusetts held by The New England Flax and Linen Study Group, in collaboration with Historic Deerfield.

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RI Indigo Planting and Processing Collaboration

Fibershed‘s Craig wilkinson provided REINHABITORY Institute with indigo seedlings, germinated by Headstart and by Wilkinson, which RI has planted in collaboration with East Bay Waldorf School in El Sobrante CA.

Gill tract community farm, collaborating with UCBerkeley, has
Nurseried RI’s flat of homegrown indigo in their  greenhouse, ready to plant.

Fibershed’ Wilkinson expects to realize two harvests of indigo from each of 5000 plants this summer, in anticipation of a fermentation at Fibershed’s fermentation floor in Nicasio CA.

Every contributor to the fermentation will receive a proportional share of the blue dye.


  • Skein is planting indigo, with the intention of being one of the participants in Fibershed’s indigo fermentation floor. Participants will take home the percent share of indigo dye they put into the fermentation in dried indigo. Kinal helped a group build the fermentation floor in Nicasio, CA in Marin County. [link to blog and photos of an indigo dyeing session.]
  • Skein has been leading the earliest stages of a feasibility study to ascertain whether a flax—to-linen practice—once a staple of every rural community in the United States, along with wool—can be brought back to life, using sustainable energy (wind, water or sun) at the watershed level.  See Destiny Kinal’s recent article in the Spring 2015 issue of Mickie Hart’s Planet Drum “Pulse” titled Ancestral Practices from the 19th Century: Fresh Ore for Reinhabiting Our Homelands Today.