The Foundation of our Values

Our work is inspired by the work of the early bioregionalists in the mid-70’s—friends and family all—who restored our sense of the centrality of this ancient relationship between human culture and our watershed, our homeland within the interconnected web of species and elements. [link to Planet Drum, photos of covers of seminal work from Berg to Totem Salmon to Gary Snyder’s poetry]

The bioregional framework–whose seeds gave rise to 100,000 small and large watershed organizations—grew out of Sixties countercultural experiments in community and restoring an earth-friendly way-of-life perfected by our ancestors. Like bioregionalism, the restoration of ancestral cultural practices has entered the mainstream:

  • Herbal and traditional medicine,
  • Natural ways of birthing and dying,


  • Integrated agricultural and husbandry systems: fibers, foods, medicines, sacramental,
  • Education and childrearing,
  • Housing and energy systems,
  • Food, drink and clothing that arise naturally from our watershed.
  • Respect for the four essential elements of earth, air, fire and water, along with wood and metal.
  • Acknowledgement that we humans are one of the species of animals whose wellbeing depends on the synergy between the plant, insect, fish/reptilian/amphibian and fungal worlds, which we imperfectly understand.Values-8B_4724Values-8B_2671


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