Statement of Values

Reinhabitory institute is a bioregional organization, devoted to exploring and defining a sustainable way-of-life on our home watersheds.

Our collaborative and creative work on-the-ground is crucial to the survival of the human species and that of our brothers and sisters of other species, given the spectacular failure of the experiment of the last 150 years.


The “modern” way-of-life, the capitalist, colonial, and exploitative way-of-life, based on profits and benefits for the few, and characterized by artifacts like traffic and highways, factory farming, air, water and soil pollution, species extinction, global warming, seems hopelessly pervasive doesn’t it?


Built from our immoderate love affair with untested technological inventions, powered by fossil fuels and inspired by the industrial model of the 19th century, this “modern” way-of-life continues to destroy indigenous cultures, degrade our sense of shared community, isolate us from traditional sources of strength in the natural world, and pollute our planet.


[INSERT   I will find a photo of a child and an adult and label it Values page 1]

Biodiversity and cultural diversity are inextricably interrelated. The best creative ideas the end product of communal thinking—come from contributions from unique perspectives based on age, gender, abilities, race and place.


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