Resistance: what does it look like?

It is imperative that we humans push back, with a resistance that has characterized our ancestral struggles against these forces of destruction. 
Today’s resistance looks like many things, not limited to these:

  1. The unsung movement of young people living this way-of-life and using their powers of creative invention to address technological challenges communally, without resorting to use of extractive energy sources.

  2. Individuals and organizations shrinking their carbon footprint and consuming behavior. (click article below to read)
  3. Divesting from bundled retirement investments is a challenge that both institutions and individuals are addressing.
  4. Families and groups boycotting products of corporations that invest in disinformationValues-C4_6025
  5. Organizing movements/demonstrations against racial and gender injustices and environmental degradation.
  6. Scientists and behaviorists publishing their data in support of directions we must go.
  7. Supporting climate change initiatives.  Not becoming discouraged but realizing that the big and the small pieces all come together into one movement.
  8. Not-for-profits lobbying to find the money and apply for grants to fund manpower for education and restoration.
  9. Artists of every stripe producing theater, music, murals and paintings, and writing that inspires us to move toward the positive and away from the negative.
  10. Time to stop! Running scared every time a reactionary calls our progressive programs “communist” or “Luddite” or a “bunch of hippies” will keep us from unifying as a Movement.
    Yeah, the McCarthy era was scary. We are feeling the beginnings of a new trend to take our country back from those Shock and Awe disinformation professionals


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