Some of our friends

OUR STRATEGIES- collaborators p. 16-17aNative Americans
We operate as allies for our native American neighbors both in the West and in the East, in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains, in the Great Lakes, in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.


People of color
We show up in solidarity for actions.

Women and queers
We use our privilege whenever others are being discriminated against.

OUR STRATEGIES- collaborators p. 16-17bInstitutions with similar missions
Not for profits, schools, churches, small businesses, healthcare institutions, bioregional and restoration organizations, organic gardens–all can and do ask Reinhabitory Institute for formal support.



Textile hobbyists and professionals alike are finding common cause in restoring a local textile and dye culture.

Fibershed‘s Craig Wilkinson provided REINHABITORY Institute with indigo seedlings, germinated by Headstart and by Wilkinson, which RI has planted in collaboration with East Bay Waldorf School in El Sobrante CA.

Gill tract community farm, collaborating with UCBerkeley, has
nurseried RI’s flat of homegrown indigo in their  greenhouse, ready to plant.

Fibershed‘s Wilkinson expects to realize two harvests of indigo from each of 5000 plants this summer, in anticipation of a fermentation at Fibershed‘s fermentation floor in Nicasio CA.

Every contributor to the fermentation will receive a proportional share of the blue dye.


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